Congratulations on the purchase of your New Vehicle or Certified Used one! We are proud to offer the following free complimentary services:

1st Free Service – 1000 km

2nd Free Service - 5000 km

3rd Free Service - 10000 km

At Hyundai Airport, this program gives owners satisfaction, and ensures you are completely comfortable with your driving experience. This program was designed for your convenience and car’s health in mind, so that you are covered when it’s time for free services This service will be performed by Hyundai trained technicians and they will be inspecting the following: Inspect engine oil level

Inspect coolant, brake fluid and washer fluid levels

Inspect all lights, interior and exterior

Inspect tire pressure, including spare

Inspect wipers and horn

Inspect battery and terminals

Inspect all chassis nuts and bolts

Lubricate all door locks, latches and hinges